Take your team to the next level

Our world class team has implemented and conducted numerous coaching searches, resulting in success to some of the top programs in the nation.

Coaching Search

Ascend Athletics has a proven track record of success of strategically placing coaches within collegiate programs and at the NFL Level and displaying immediate results.

Our analytical approach gives teams the ability to know what they are getting from a coach before he steps foot onto campus. Our successful algorithm can predict out coaches success up to 4 years into the future and the strategic moves that need to be made for a team or program to be successful.

Player Evaluation

There are thousands of factors that determine a players chance of success at the NFL. Through the use of analytics, as well as complex film evaluation, our team can accurately predict NFL success for each and every player eligible for the NFL Draft.

Team Evaluation

Our advanced analytics team has spent years perfecting the ideal way to predict team success, from college to the NFL. Our prediction accuracy is unrivaled in the industry and gives our clients the edge when it comes to building the best team possible.

Schedule Optimization

Scheduling is one of the biggest headaches within college sports. Our team can accurately and strategically build out the most efficient schedule for your college basketball & football program, blending difficulty and the highest chance of success for a winning combination.

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