We are your Marketing and Branding Experts

  1. Contacts and Connections

    Our Marketing and Branding experts utilize their vast contacts and connections to maximize our clients earnings from the moment they join the Ascend Army.

  2. Aligning with Brands

    Our Ascend Team specializes in focusing in on you and your brand. We develop a personal plan that allows you to pair with brands that align with your off-field goals.

  3. Focusing on you

    Our team focuses solely on you and building your brand to maximize our clients earning potential from the moment we begin working with them.

Memorabilia and Signings

Shoe and Apparel

ASCEND Athletics has some of the best connections in the sports and apparel industry and we line our clients up with record breaking shoe and apparel deals. At ASCEND, we work with industry leaders such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armor and have strategic partnerships with non-football apparel companies, such as Puma and FILA. We have successfully negotiated award winning shoe and apparel contracts for each of our clients and continue to