Analytics Department

ASCEND ATHLETICS has partnered with industry leaders in business and sports analytics to create an in-house, full service Analytics Department, the only of its kind with NFL Agencies. For the past 20 years, the leaders within our Analytics Department have provided business consulting and analytic services for the NFL and MLB clubs, College Football and Basketball programs, and Head Coaching Searches for professional teams and Universities. 

We rely upon our Analytics Department to provide the ASCEND ATHLETIC’S Scouting Department valuable information that predicts who can play and compete at the NFL level and earn a coveted spot on an NFL team’s 53-man Roster. Our Analytics Department provides remarkable value to all of our Rookie Players in the ability to accurately predict Draft Round, Contract Value, and even the level of potential successful any given player on any given NFL team may achieve within the NFL. This level of analytical detail provides not only our Rookie Players, but also our Veteran Players cutting-edge predictive modeling that ensures ASCEND Players end up on the best NFL roster based upon their individual skill set, thus extending careers and maximizing earning potential.